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September Blog - Christmas Party Planning

School just started, and it feels like Christmas parties are a far time away.  However, the time for Christmas party planning is now.

The first question we are often asked is will it fit?  Work with your venue to make it so.  Make sure that you are locked into a specific room, and they don't try to change it on you within days of your Christmas party game rental.

A cool idea for a Christmas party rental is snow cone machine rentals.  It's a natural fit for a snowy theme day.

Hockey is always popular.  Multiple sports for multiple fun.  Christmas party game rentals are also cool for fun food rentals.  Everyone loves popcorn machine rentals, or even an all time favourite - Cotton Candy machine rentals.  Why not pick a colour of cotton candy that is the same colour as your corporate logo?  Multiple colours?  Multiple cotton candy machine rentals.

Be creative with your Christmas party game rentals.  Form a committee, and assign to tasks to members.  Hold committee members to their responsibilities that they have volunteered for, and make sure that upper management buys in from the get go for your Christmas party game rentals.


August Blog - Key Elements of Birthday Party Planning

Back when we first started in 2000, it was very common for people to plan their birthday party game rentals in Toronto at least 6 months in advance.  Now, it is not uncommon for us to get phone calls for events that are only days away.

Here are some tips to get you started:

- first of all, does your child really want a party?  Most will say "of course", but make sure that your party is really for your child, and not for you.  Kids can see through it.

- pick a birthday party theme.  Have your child actively involved in planning of the Toronto birthday party game rental.

- Guest lists - ask for RSVP well ahead of time, and follow up with a phone call or text with invited guests that do not respond.  Some times, they just get too busy, or don't receive your invitation for the birthday party.

- pick a Toronto birthday party venue that will fit your budget, and more importantly, can accommodate your needs for your birthday party game rental.  The time to ask if interactive games or fun food rentals from "outside suppliers" can be used is before you sign the contract, not after.  Look out for some venues that have "preferred suppliers" and find out what that relationship is really about.  Do they pay a fee or a commission to be on the preferred list?

- Space / Electricity:  This is the most critical part, and often gets overlooked, especially height requirements.

- Setup times:  How flexible is your venue for setup?  Is anyone actually there?  Do you have an emergency cell phone number if no one is there? 

- Take-down:  Do you need to make arrangements to take everything down at the end of the birthday party game rental, or do your Toronto party game rental suppliers need to show up at the end of the night?

 - Ask about cancellation policies, or for outdoor venues, what is their rain policy?

At the end of the day, party game rentals in Toronto have a lot of great possibilities.  Have your child actively involved in the entire process, including budgeting if they are old enough, and enjoy every minute of it.


July Blog - Picking Great Party Game Rental Suppliers

Are all Party Game Rental Suppliers created equal?  Hardly.  There are some fantastic companies out there that are honest, hard working, and go the extra mile to make your event a special one.  Here are some key factors to consider:

- Event Liability insurance - More than likely you probably won't have any problems with your event.  However, more and more venues as well as municipalities are requiring you to obtain this insurance, and have their organization named as part of the Party Game Rental supplier insurance policy.  You need to give your Party Game Rental supplier at least a couple of business days notice to make sure that this is in place.  Ask for it, because nobody will volunteer this information to you.

- The Little "extras" could end up costing you more in the long run - Look for Party Game Rental companies that have all inclusive pricing.  Some Party Game Rental companies come in with a low initial price, and then start marking up your order with other fees such as gas charges (like they didn't know ahead of time that gas prices go up in the summer!), extra insurance fees, load charges, plus whatever else they can think of to drive up the price after the fact.  Watch out for this, because it's the oldest trick in the book.  Legally, HST must be quoted over and above any pricing.  We have had many phone calls, and lost several jobs because All Star Game Rentals charges HST because we are a legitimate company.  Look out for "cash" deals, that don't charge it, because it can come back to haunt you in the long run.

- Checking your contract - Legitimate Party Game Rental companies will require you to sign off on a contract.  Simply put, a contract is a "meeting of the minds" that lets you know what to expect, and what is expected from you.  Protect yourself, and actually read the contract.  Ask questions for points that you do not understand, and seek clarification where clarification is necessary.  For All Star Game Rentals, our smoothest events have always been when Party Game Rental clients have asked a lot of questions, and have been actively involved in event planning.  If you don't feel comfortable with planning your event, you can always seek the advice of an event planning professional.  Beware of companies that will do your event planning for free.  Get an actual event professional that has your best interests at heart.

- Sometimes being big is not so great - Some companies think that by having a super large inventory of party rental games, and being able to satisfy every rental request is the way to go.  Well - not necessarily.  At All Star Game Rentals, we have rejected events where we don't see a good fit.  Why?  Because our reputation is on the line.

A wise man once said, "I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone all of the time".  We get the phone calls complaining about some other Party Game Rental supplier companies that proves this statement.

Ask to see current pictures of the interactive party game rentals that they have in stock.  Ask if there are any public events where the specific games are going to be that you plan on renting.  Ask if the company has multiples of the same unit, and which unit you are actually going to get.  Look out for companies that give you a specific rental request, but then show up with something else because they oversold it, and claim that it was broken and this is the replacement.  Again - read your contract, and you would be surprised as to what some Party Game Rental suppliers put in it. 

 In the end, the more research you do, and the more questions you ask, the happier you are going to be with the result.  Nobody likes nasty surprises.  Pick a Party Game Rental company that is the best fit for you.  


June Blog - World Cup Soccer Fever

Everyone is talking about the World Cup Soccer.  It's one of the biggest events that is celebrated by the entire world.  You see mini-flags hanging from car windows, and everyone is ready to cheer their team off to the ultimate soccer championship.

Company Picnics:  Celebrate the World Cup Soccer with soccer party theme rentals in Toronto with All Star Game Rentals.  Our clients include Toronto FC.  For a corporate party game rental, pick our double shot soccer inflatable.  We have helped major car manufacturers like Hyundai with our hardest shot soccer radar challenge. 

Space Considerations:  Looking for something that does not take up too much space in your office?  Look no further.  You need to rent out a couple of our foosball table soccer rentals.

Home Party Game Rentals:  Give yourselves plenty of time, and set up the games early.  We pick up that same night for outdoor games, so that way you don't have to worry about anything disappearing.

Look out for companies that overbook (you would be surprised at how often this happens) and say that their games are broken and need of repair.  It's the oldest trick in the book.

Call us now at 416-725-8349 to get the ball rolling. 


May Blog - How to plan a successful Birthday Party

Your kids are getting older, and have become desensitized to boring bouncy castles.  What to do? Host a sports theme birthday party.  Does your son or daughter belong to a sports team, or better yet, multiple sports teams? 

Some parents feel the pressure to invite all of their team to a birthday party, but generally speaking, as long as they are not kindergarten age, the trend is just to invite their actual friends from each team.

We recommend having sports theme inflatables at your event.  Choose from soccer party game rentals, hockey inflatable party game rentals, and much more.  If your birthday party is in the summer, then a snow cone machine is a must.

Remember - keep the party moving, have plenty of activities, and everyone will have a blast!


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